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Expanding your customer base and providing a welcoming environment starts with building a place people want to be. And to do that, you need an experienced general contractor dedicated to the success of your project. At Ironclad Services, it’s our duty to provide construction services that maintain budget and time requirements without compromising quality and safety. 

Over the last two decades, we’ve established ourselves as the premier source for ground-up, design-build, renovation, and emergency restoration solutions in Massachusetts and many areas of New England. We built our reputation by navigating the highly regulated building processes of local and federal government contracts. Though we now serve an array of industries, we uphold the precise standards that made our name. When you choose Ironclad, you choose open communication, transparency, and quality.

  • General Contracting

    As your general contractor, we’re a full-service team that handles every project phase from concept to completion. We work closely with you to develop a budget and timeframe that fits your needs while delivering on all your wants.

  • Construction Management

    If you already have a build team for your project but need a trusted expert to oversee construction, turn to Ironclad. Our construction management team ensures the safe and efficient execution of all buildings at your site.

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Learn more about Ironclad’s comprehensive commercial construction and how we can turn your vision into reality.

The Industries We Build

Ironclad offers phased construction and plans around your operations to make sure your customers, clients, employees, or patients aren’t negatively impacted by our work.

  • Commercial Buildings & Offices

    Whether you’re looking to create or renovate a commercial building or office space, Ironclad is your single-source construction provider.

  • Education

    Ironclad’s construction services guarantee an enriching learning environment for schools of any level.

  • Manufacturing and Industrial

    Ironclad optimizes floor space for efficiency so your manufacturing or industrial facility can increase productivity and profits.

  • Healthcare

    Ironclad upholds the most stringent safety and cleanliness standards for healthcare facilities. We also work with you to choose the best schedule to maintain a comfortable environment for your patients.

  • Hospitality

    If you’re looking to expand your hotel business to a new location or give your current building a facelift, Ironclad is here to help.

  • Government & Municipalities

    Ironclad has vast experience in federal government and local municipality work. We know how to deliver compliant results that are respectful of taxpayer dollars.

Here’s How We Can Build Your Business

No matter the scope of your project or the size of your budget, Ironclad can deliver the construction services you need to take your business to the next level.

  • Ground-Up Construction

    Ironclad’s ground-up construction transforms an empty space into your brand-new place. Best of all, as your general contractor, we handle permitting, scheduling, construction, and inspections to make sure our high standards are met.

  • Design-Build

    Ironclad works with a network of architects, engineers, and designers as a cohesive team and collaborates with you to see your project from concept to completion. Our design-build approach lowers costs, shortens timeframes, and removes the hassles of coordinating with multiple contractors and suppliers. 

  • Emergency Restoration and Clean-Up

    After a disaster or unexpected issue, restoring operations as quickly as possible is the key to minimizing losses. Ironclad offers rapid response restoration and cleaning services around the clock and focuses on the critical infrastructure you need to get back up and running safely. 

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